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Resource management is among the most critical – but also the most challenging – aspects of project and program management. Failing to allocate the right resources, to the right tasks, at the right time, and at the right cost invariably leads to budget and schedule overruns. It also creates frustrated team members, stakeholders and customers. Fortunately, Insights RM is a proven innovative resource management tool to help organizations like yours avoid setbacks and achieve success.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage Projects and Time – gain minute-by-minute control over your projects without waiting for answers. Monitor how you’re racing against time, and budget —  anytime from anywhere.
  • Plan and Align Resources – increase visibility and control over resourcing. See who’s available by skills and capacity and understand how much work they can take on. Forecast resource needs and shift resources to meet goals.
  • Scenario Analysis – test hypothetical resource scenarios with our analysis to visualize impacts on resources, capacity and projects. Build limitless models and create copies to model future scenarios with your current knowledge – all without altering live data.  
  • Analyze and Act – get access to dozens of expert-built reports to answer questions about headcount, utilization, and availability
  • Quick implementation – Insights RM resource management software can be implemented in days – not months or years, like other enterprise project management tools.

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