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Webinar: Resource Demand Forecasts Made Easy!

Are you spending countless hours trying to generate accurate resource demand forecasts?  For decades, organizations have been forced to either spend millions of dollars (and tons of resources) implementing and maintaining complex enterprise resource management tools, or struggle with manually updating numerous Excel spreadsheets.  Functional managers want a simple, easy-to-use (and implement) resource management tool […]

Webinar: Investigator Relationship Management

In small-size companies, where employees frequently interact and know each other on a more personal level, finding the right investigators or a clinical study sponsors for your study is difficult.  In addition, knowing what has been communicating to sites and when can be difficult.  At large pharmaceutical companies it’s even more challenging.  Depending on the […]

Webinar: Is Not Having a CTMS Costing You?

Not all clinical trials require the same effort, not all companies manage clinical trials the same way, and not all clinical project managers are equal.  These issues are what make answering the following questions so difficult: How many studies can we manage without a CTMS (clinical trial management system)? Can’t we just keep using Excel, […]