Webinar: Investigator Relationship Management

Webinar: Investigator Relationship Management

In small-size companies, where employees frequently interact and know each other on a more personal level, finding the right investigators or a clinical study sponsors for your study is difficult.  In addition, knowing what has been communicating to sites and when can be difficult.  At large pharmaceutical companies it’s even more challenging.  Depending on the size of an organization, some companies use third party investigators or study sponsors, and some use their internal staff for this. There are pros and cons to both, as internal staff is fully versed in company policy and procedures, whereas third party investigators or study sponsors are able to maintain neutrality, as it’s unlikely they have any personal interests vested in the outcome of the investigation.

It has been seen in pharmaceutical industry that enrollment targets are not met and some even don’t enroll a patient in a year, when they don’t select a right investigator or clinical study sponsor.

But with Intrinsic Informer™, you will have following advantages –

  1. You can import industry data on investigators
  2. You can filter the information by country
  3. You can filter the information by therapeutic area, and other key criteria. 

Key Benefits of Intrinsic Informer™ Site Relationship Management (SRM)

  1. Informer™ helps you survey and engage sites.
  2. Informer™ helps you in selecting the best investigators or clinical study sponsor.  
  3. Informer™ helps you in managing your site relationships across multiple studies and programs
  4. Informer™ lets you build custom feasibility surveys and stores questions in a library for future use, making it easier to create standardized surveys. Survey responses are aggregated across studies, so users can see the full picture on every investigator and not have to repeat general questions for every trial. 
  5. Informer™ lets you track all site interactions in one place so you never have to worry about over-contacting them ever again.  The ability to assign follow-up tasks and create workflows means that sites will never be left wondering what happened to that phone call or email they were supposed to receive. 

In Nutshell, improving site relationship management (SRM) and investigator relationship management (IRM) for your clinical trials is in sight with Intrinsic Informer™.  To learn more check out our webinar on site relationship management.

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