Does Insights Resource Management accommodate scenario modeling?

  • Insights Resource Management has an easy-to-use scenario planning model.  The user is presented with a Gantt-like view of their portfolio. The user can “grab”:
    • The end date of the bar for the project and move the end date
    • The start date of the bar for the project and move the start date
    • The whole bar and move the entire bar.
  • With any of these changes the user can see the resource demand shift automatically as the user moves the timelines.
  • Users can move the summary bar of the project or expand the project and move the bars (timelines) for any subtasks.  This design allows users to choose how specific they need to be when doing scenario modeling yet to be able to do it on one interface that is simple and easy-to-use.
  • Once the scenario is created it can be saved to analyze later.  Several scenarios can be saved and published as a new workbook, replacing what was previously used.