Resource Management

Three Key Reasons to Switch to Interactive Data Visualization

Are you a clinical project manager and still using static visuals when interactive data visualization is available for clinical trial data?  What is data visualization?  I’m glad you asked. Data visualization is the presentation of information in a graphical form such that you can glean insights or make decisions.  It helps one communicate information effectively, […]

3 Critical Mistakes in Pharma Resourcing Decision-Making

Sometimes it is hard to understand how pharmaceutical companies make hiring decisions.  There is no doubt that hiring decisions in the pharma world are complex and risky. Still, after helping a countless number of pharmaceutical companies over the last 25 years, sometimes I still just don’t get it. We all know that hiring decisions are […]

Pharma R&D Investments: Informed Decisions Versus Gambling

Capacity planning, demand forecasting, portfolio reviews, prioritization processes, budgeting processes, etc. are all vital to a biotech and pharma business. Tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of dollars are on the line when making decisions about people, projects, programs, therapeutic areas, and acquisitions.